Moving On


Open your heart and why the lingering doubts

Why still the questions looming

Why the feeling of walking on an unstable bridge

Even though the one you love is supporting you

Waiting for you with open arms

Calling to you, pleading for you, waiting for you

On the other side of that unstable bridge


Trust in the process; it’s always a process

Love changes, it grows, but never stagnates

But yet it creates fear in its power

In how it can create dependency

How another can become your best friend

With a real risk of betrayal

There it is again:  risk

But then again, with no risk, there is no love

With no fear, there is no awareness

With no love, there is no giving

And no giving, there is….nothing.

Emptiness, loneliness, sadness

We stagnate, we isolate, we are alone

That is the worst fear of us all:  Loneliness

So, what is there to lose in taking that risk?


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