Betrayal of the Heart

BetrayedA man tells his devoted wife how useless she is; always has been

Yet she granted him three children, who love both

She did everything he ever wanted – and lost her soul, her mind, her being

Then in an instant, a punch to the face ends it all – for her at least

Him?  He thinks she “ran away from him” and “kidnapped the kids”

It’s all her fault – until the legal documents are tossed in his face

Hiding in a shelter, terrified, and worried about her life and that of her kids

Sacrifices made for those kids, the divorce comes – and lingers on

The job-hopping begins, the pain grows as does the anger

In the end, she loses:  her mind, her sanity, her soul, her sense of worth

Any chance of moving on; the threat of legal action looms should any man enter her life

He being perfection; her?  “the problem,” the “inconsistent parent,” the “loser”

But it gradually changes until HE gains them all as she leaves to care for an ailing parent.

Now HE is the hero, HE has the income to protect, to shelter and to give everything they need

Mom is useless, not needed, disposable; FEELS disposable.  

And years later, the kids TELL her she is not needed, disposable and worthless

And so?  what to do now, except move on…

She learns to love again, hope againDream again, believe again  

but yet still, there’s the betrayal still lingering

It dogs her constantly; trust is a stumbling block

And there is someone who loves her for who she is but will he understand her?

Only time will tell, but the betrayal lingers…

via Betrayed — Prompts – The Daily Post

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