The Twin

via Daily Prompt: Silhouette

I have a twin.  It’s like no other.  It’s not quite identical but yet it’s uncanny

A fraternal twin, no doubt; it doesn’t look like me; distortions abound

With one step into the sunlight, it mirrors my movements in every nook and cranny

I move, turn, jump around and down, my silhouette follows but its looks confound

bulkan-evcimen-485445  Shadow walker.jpg

It’s me alright; but how?  It doesn’t look like me.  But it comes from me.  A shadow of me

A shadow, a mirror image in the darkness, a silhouette that’s free to be seen by me

The sun shifts during the day and this silhouetted, my twin, changes with that light

The shapes distort, the angles shift, colors change in hue, but the silhouette is bright


But is that truly me? Can that silhouette actually create a different image?

Put the real “Me” with the silhouette and what do you gain?  Another visage?

Is this a brain-teaser?  Is this a puzzle?  No, just another thought-provoking idea

Every person has an idea, an image, a visage when they see silhouettes; there’s a reason

how-soon-ngu-34 shadows of feet.jpg

The light hitting me is one big reason for the silhouette effect at all but if I shift it alters

Once the light fades, hides behind the clouds or vanishes, the silhouette falters

New light is needed – a manmade source – is usually the trick.  More silhouettes are made

But once the man-made light fades, those silhouettes will fade

matthew-ansley-254316  walking distortions.jpg

Silhouettes are never far from any of us.  We are the silhouettes of ourselves

They are part of us.  We can never be rid of them.  They go where we go.

It’s not like we can tell a part of ourselves to vanish back onto the shelves

No, we’d be denying a key part of who we are.  Yet another gift by The One to show

How we show it is up to us.  But it is to be used, never wasted.  What is not is taken back

That’s the challenge that lies before us – how to serve using our talents, never to be smacked

kendall-lane-37891  gifts to give.jpg




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