Surrounded By The Dark

After years of these types of encounters and of pain in the darkness I decided it was time to end my quest for love.  There was no love.  There was no hope. No "god of my understanding."  Not for me possess Betrayal everywhere.  Men wanted only "that."  Me for "that."  Not love.  


via Daily Prompt: Disappear Bills to pay that don't quit Money's coming in but slowly ebbing Relationship is long-distance - hell, I'm alone! - enough of this shit Kids screaming is not ending Screaming for attention Screaming for dinner, snacks, any nutrition Screaming for keys to car - and gas which requires funding Screaming over … Continue reading Vanish

Betrayal of the Heart

BetrayedA man tells his devoted wife how useless she is; always has been Yet she granted him three children, who love both She did everything he ever wanted - and lost her soul, her mind, her being Then in an instant, a punch to the face ends it all - for her at least Him?  … Continue reading Betrayal of the Heart

Moving On

Risk... Open your heart and why the lingering doubts Why still the questions looming Why the feeling of walking on an unstable bridge Even though the one you love is supporting you Waiting for you with open arms Calling to you, pleading for you, waiting for you On the other side of that unstable bridge … Continue reading Moving On


It all began with one The mold that could not be broken Perfection, Ideal, Flawless No need for any others; she was my soul, my core, my being I had the greatest, the best, the holy of holies Then came the second The mold was shattered There could be no mold each was irreplaceable Unique, separate, perfection, … Continue reading Endless

The Twin

via Daily Prompt: Silhouette I have a twin.  It's like no other.  It's not quite identical but yet it's uncanny A fraternal twin, no doubt; it doesn't look like me; distortions abound With one step into the sunlight, it mirrors my movements in every nook and cranny I move, turn, jump around and down, my … Continue reading The Twin

Press on

I love this and it is so true. I've stumbled and things have seemed insurmountable. It's when I've had that mindset that things HAVE been. Only when my mind says "I can" is when magic happens.

To Trill A Princess

Ah, yes.  When I hear a trilling sound, it's hard for me to NOT think of Disney. Only Snow White can trill like a bird.  If only WE could be so lucky to trill and then land Prince Charming over a wishing well dressed in rags. But then (laughing)  Klinger, from M*A*S*H 4077 couldn't … Continue reading To Trill A Princess

What To Do, What To Do…

I'm the worst list maker. I can make all sorts of lists.  One of two things happen.  Either, I lose it.  Or, second, nothing gets done and I keep that paper so it becomes clutter - something else to pile up on any flat surface. But now, I need ideas on what to write about.  … Continue reading What To Do, What To Do…